A stalwart of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Honourable Orok Orok has declared that  Nigerians can only prosper and live well under a conducive environment devoid of insecurity and acrimony, which appears to gaining momentum on a daily basis.

Speaking in Abuja during an exclusive interview last weekend with  PEOPLE’S SECURITY MONITOR crew,   Orok, an APC Youths Leader, emphasized that callous and illicit conducts of insecurity agents are had taken quite a great deal of impairment on the well being of Nigerians, so much that it may affect the unborn generation if left unchecked.

‘’We cannot continue to live in perpetual  fear of insecurity and crime and at the same time expect our psyche to work well,  it devalues our economy, socio-political concept and further encourages divisive approaches to virtually all the issues that bother on our well being as a people’’ Orok said.

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